About Us

We are a wearable technology company made up of a group of several people: 

  1. An Egyptian fashion designer
  2. A Daniel
  3. A trend-hunting fashionista
  4. An insecure graphic designer
  5. A great executioner
  6. The king of tailors
  7. A great builder
  8. A great builder helper
  9. A crazy tijuanan
  10. An industrialist with a short fuse
  11. A crazy cineast
  12. A pakistani legend
For the most part, we prefer to remain anonymous.   Some of us have known each other all of our lives, but most of us for under a year.  We’re all from different fields and converging many of our views and experience in this project.   Most of us are firm believers in free software, and DIY, and care deeply about political issues and (h)ac(k)tivism.    We believe that we are at the beginning of a new era in fashion.  Clothing is beginning to merge with technology, and a new future will emerge.  We’re currently prototyping clothing that will help DJs create music with their body movements, self-adjusting clothing (so that it will look fit), integrating lighting and sound with clothing (for cyclists and musicians), solar powered device charging, among others.  Integration will become ubiquitous, in every device we have.  But that will only be the beginning.  The second step will be clothing turning into exoskeletons, allowing people to do things that they couldn’t do before (lift heavier items, have better integration with computers, be able to project, jump higher).   Then, biological components will allow us to build clothing that merges with skin, where a suit will no longer be an external part of the body (a little bit like a contact lens).   We’re working hard to make that world a vision, and are working in parallel in many of those fields to achieve that.